General Catalog 2022

Bezel 1.1 6 Ø18 Ø24 Ø 19 mm 69 06 LOCKS USFUTABA Slam Lock Zinc alloy diecast Click action mechanism Automatically locks drawer if closed Anti-pick bracket ensures maximum security Suitable for two-drawer cabinet – no aluminum bar needed Suitable for swing door cabinet – no locking bolt needed Dim. D (for screw mounting): 25 mm Diameter: 3/4” (19 mm) Barrel length: 7/8” (22 mm) Box quantity: 25 Pieces (PCS) Core with keys sold separately – Page 66 Features Preparing for installation Drill Hole and application Set includes 1 Lock housing 1 Strike plate (L-Type) 1 Bezel Finish Black Brass Nickel Item Number Special Order* Special Order* 30231 52 015 1. Hold down the latch, insert the cylinder (with key inserted) into housing. Be sure to align the two diamond shaped objects on both the cylinder core and the cylinder housing. 2. Continue to hold down the latch while turning the key 180 degrees to the right (clockwise) 3. Release the latch, and the lock is now ready to use Removal of cylinder 1. Insert key 2. Hold down the latch 3. Continue holding down the latch while turning the key to the left 180 degrees (counter-clockwise) 4. The latch is now in the down position, pull key straight out 5. Cylinder is ready to be removed by a removal key (Red Key, sold separately), insert removal key and pull out cylinder 6. Cylinder is removed 32 42 32 25 6 3 22 10.5 9 Ø 18 Dimensions DRAWER LOCKS Drill Hole: Ø 19 mm for 18 mm Housing-Dia. Ø Ø 17.5 mm for 16.5 mm Housing-Dia. Ø * – Special Order only – call for current pricing, minimum order quantities and lead-time. 42 32 7.4 4 1.5 14 9 L-Type Strike Plate CLA 629