General Catalog 2022

50 04 KITCHEN SOLUTIONS USFUTABA Slow Motion Countertop Extension BASE CABINET EXPANSIONS Pull-out the work-top extension as follows: 1. Pull-out Push the work-top extension back as follows: 1. Pull-out 2. Swing-up 2. Swing-up and push down 3. Push flush against the counter 3. Push back 512 mm 470 mm W Features Instantly achieve more countertop surface by using the space occupied by a drawer with two motions: 1. In one movement, pull the extension out & lift to the counter’s height 2. Push extension back against countertop Ideal for a galley kitchen, RVs, home office, laundry rooms – any space that more surface area makes life easier Drawer opening height – 4” plus the thickness of the work surface Closed to open/raised height change: 2-1/4” (57 mm) Finish: Silver gray epoxy Work surface not included Dimensions Application 40141 85 206 Inch 3-13/16 mm 97 Inch 14-3/8–22-3/16 mm 364 – 564 Inch 20-3/16 mm 512 Item Number Unit height Unit width (W) Unit depth Actual unit dimensions shown; allow proper spacing for installation. Height: Add unit height plus thickness of work surface plus installation spacing.